The dream of a career in fashion or textiles stems as far back as a small child.  They say your calling is the job you said you would do when you "grow up", for me it was always a fashion designer. I'm not sure why I always used to say that, I think growing up with a Mother who sews, knits & makes things must have had an influence. I would by no means call myself a fashion deigner now, but I love fashion, designing & being creative.

At age 18 I completed a Foundation Degree in Art & Design but did not pursue a creative career. I have had a few different jobs along the way, and it wasn't until 2016 when my son was born I began buying and selling clothing online so that I could work from home. 

In May 2018 I took the clothing business more seriously and purchased a printing kit to create and print my own designs. 

I now produce ethically printed tshirts and sweatshirts as well as hand picked, vintage items, specialising in Levi's denim. I am inspired by nature, flowers, animals, music, holistic living and astrology amongst so many other things!