The dream of a career in fashion or textiles stems as far back as a small child playing "fashion designers" with friends, to completing a Foundation Degree in Art & Design (Textiles) at a later age. They say your "calling" is the job you always said you would do when you grow up, for me it was "a fashion designer". Whilst I would by no means call myself a fashion designer, indeed I am now doing a job/running a business that I dreamt of as a child. 

In May 2018 I began buying and selling a few bits of clothing online. I wanted to improve the quality of the items therefore I purchased a printing kit and began creating and printing my own designs. This enabled me to produce the designs I visualised. The business has evolved and adapted and I now produce plastic free, embroidered tshirts and sweatshirts, focusing on minimalist design and effortless, timeless style.